Thursday, September 16, 2010

The missing piece

So simple a cue sets him off
It starts so easily, a song, a sight,
a symmetry of what was once normal.
a flash of bitter memory
playing over in his head on repeat
but he is only reminded of how

it ends.

A simple raindrop sparks the flood,
he fights against memory,
he wants to forget, to fight
against the waterfall of heartache
still pouring over his mind,
around what used to be

his heart.

The harder he fights the deeper
he falls into the trance of a
never ceasing, never ending
spiral staircase of what could have been.
He searches for the right patch
to sow on, an adequate cry

for help.

He doesn't know where to start
it's a constant search for
the beginning of an explanation
that will help, that could fix,
could patch the hole he knows is there,
could recover the missing piece of


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