Saturday, August 6, 2011

O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Oftentimes I find the purposes of social media misconstrued and all I read are people behind the curtain saying "NOTICE ME!"

We do it all the time always with no intention. Is it because we want attention? Is it because we just want justification for what we believe? I think it swells from an innate desire for relationship with others. We were wired for relationships and all different kinds of em.

Everyday that I live I discover that fact more and more. I have a need for relationship and not just one kind but multiple. My conversations and thoughts feel incomplete if I am not able to share them with people in different kinds of relationships: Close friends, Best friends, girlfriends, best friend that is a girl.

We learn skills, knowledge, and tendencies from relationships that can never be taught, only encountered. My life is never incomplete but it feels most incomplete when relationships in my life are lacking.

Seems crazy to think that people can be so inclined and wired for relationships and often miss out on the most important one they could ever have.

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